Mission & Vision


Mission: The Ecospiritual Education Center, LLC exists to restore the innate physical, mental, and spiritual wellness of the human being in relationship to ourselves and to more-than-human beings.

Vision: Humans live respectfully and synchronously with one another and with more-than-human beings, ancestors, and spiritual beings of all cultures. Climate change is reversed and holistic, resilient, biodiverse societies are restored and innovated.

Founder & Facilitator:

Jeanell Innerarity

MA, QMHP-C #00926, LMT #22490, THAS


Jeanell is a writer, facilitator, therapeutic horticulture specialist, and prolific dreamer.

An avid student of life, she's done deep-dive studies in everything from kung fu to seed saving (ask her about fermenting tomato seeds). She's worked on small farms and ecovillages around the world. She also taught yoga for ten years and used to give life-changing massages before her joints went on strike.

At parties, you'll find her in a far corner talking to the weirdest person in the room, or possibly with a sketchbook drawing the host's houseplants. She's really good at working with complex trauma, spiritual inquiry, and existential crises, and at cultivating ancestral connection.

Jeanell's ancestors hail from (at least) the Pale of Settlement, Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain, and the German Shtetles. She was born in Texas.

Since being born, she's studied a lot. Jeanell holds a Master of Arts in Process Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, a Certificate in Permaculture and Ecovillage Design, a Certificate in Therapeutic Horticulture, a Certificate in Massage Therapy, a Certificate in Foot Reflexology, two Yoga Teacher Certifications, a Certificate in Client Centered Hypnotherapy, a Professional Level Certificate in The Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy, and is a Certified Seed Saving Teacher. She's even trained as a birth and postpartum doula before realizing she didn't do sleep deprivation or bodily fluids. She's trained in some other stuff too and will probably keep going to school and getting certified in more stuff because she loves to learn about (almost) everything. She also clears out her busy brain by dancing, drawing, and sitting Vipassana meditation.

The root of her personal spiritual practice is Earth-based Judaism strongly influenced by her many years of study and practice in Buddhism, practicing yoga and studying Hindu texts, and honoring her ancestors of all lineages.

She highly values diversity and has decades of experience working in an equity-focused way with people of the many beautiful colors, creeds, abilities, gender identifications, sexual orientations, and nationalities in the human spectrum.

Jeanell has presented at the International Association for the Study of Dreams Annual Conference on the subject of dreamwork for chronic body symptoms; at the Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education on Food Sovereignty and Community Building in a Virtual Environment; and to United Nations University on utilizing Permaculture Principles for Social Change.

Guiding Principles


1. Body

The body is the keeper of wisdom and the vehicle of life. The body gives us signals about our world and about our deepest truth. It is our means of connecting with ourselves, with Earth, and with each other. We honor the body and listen to its wisdom.

2. Earth

We have one, conscious Earth with whom we evolved. We recognize the inherent value of all forms of life, not just human life, and we strive to live in a way that honors this value. We honor the Earth and listen to Earth's wisdom.

3. Community

We are communal beings. Our health depends on positive social relationships, and our future depends on our ability to work together. We honor the wisdom of our collective knowing and we listen to one another.

Land, Equity, & Giveback


The EcoSpiritual Education Center, LLC is based primarily in the unceded territories of the Chinook, Atfalati, Kalapuya, Multnomah, and Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde peoples. We acknowledge the tremendous harm and loss to Indigenous peoples and their land due to settler-colonialist actions and policies. We commit to reparations as a core value of our work. We commit to anti-racist and equity-focused practices in all levels of work. The EcoSpiritual Education Center, LLC is a sustaining member of The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, an equity-focused organization which works towards food sovereignty, seed sovereignty, and Indigenous rights to heritage seeds around the world.

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